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Nowadays, you can’t miss them. Food trucks are everywhere delivering hot and cold meals to eager customers on the streets. There are number of other types of food service vehicles on the streets helping get food and food products from one place to where they are needed.

If you need food service vehicle insurance in New York City, call us right away.

What Is Food Service Vehicle Insurance

There are several types of vehicles, both cars and trucks, which can work as food service vehicles. Some of these have customized insurance packages for them and some carry more generic insurance coverage.

These vehicle types include:


  • Automobiles including SUVs
  • Trucks
  • Pickup trucks
  • Catering trucks
  • Refrigerated trucks
  • Step vans
  • Food Service trailers
  • Lunch Wagons
  • Concession trailers


You should check each type of vehicle with your agent to find the right package of insurance offerings for your particular type of food service vehicle.

Types of Insurance

There are types of insurance that are most common to many food services vehicles. These are:

Liability Insurance

With Liability insurance, you are covered if you are liable for damages caused during an accident while using your vehicle. Property Damage insurance is one type of Liability and Bodily Injury is the other type.

The cost of repairs or replacement of someone’s damaged property is covered by Property Damage insurance.

Medical expenses, hospital charges, lost earnings, pain and suffering, long term nursing care and funeral expenses are covered by Bodily Injury insurance for someone injured in an accident for which you are liable.

Legal defense if needed is also covered by Liability.

Physical Damage Coverage

Physical Damage insurance included collision, comprehensive, and fire and theft with additional coverage insurances. Collision will cover you and your losses if you strike something and you roll over or turn over. If damage occurs for a reason other than a collision, your comprehensive insurance will cover you. A form of limited comprehensive is Fire and Theft with additional coverage.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Insurance

Sometime you may be in an accident that is not your fault where the other driver does not have insurance. In that case, uninsured motorist insurance will cover you. If the other driver is underinsured then similar underinsured motorist insurance will cover you. These coverages can vary from state to state so make sure you speak with your agent about your coverage.

Types of Businesses

There are a number of types of businesses that may need food service vehicle insurance. Among these are:

  • Wedding Food Service
  • Mobile Food Service
  • Convention Food Service
  • Event Food Service
  • Business Food Service
  • Buffet Food Service

Don’t Take Any Chances

With the right food service vehicle insurance policy:

  • You can reduce your liability and risk
  • Save money
  • Enjoy great service from your agent

Don’t risk your business or your future. Call us so you can review coverage with an agent. We’ll find the right plan for you at a price you can afford.

We can also cover your personal car when used for business or an employee’s car when used for business.

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