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Food trucks are not new but in the last few years, they have exploded in both popularity and availability. They seem to be everywhere. If you own a food truck and it is a source of income for you, you have to protect yourself, your business and your assets. You face potential claims that you may not have considered and more than even if you owned and ran a restaurant.

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Insurance You May Need

Because food trucks are unique, you should review every type of insurance you may need to protect your assets. For example, food trucks carry a lot of extra equipment that could be damaged in an accident. You need to ensure that all of your property related to the food truck is covered. So, there are several types of insurance that food truck owners must consider.

You will want some type of commercial auto insurance for trucks. This differs from personal auto insurance with business usage. The terms between these two types of insurance differs. Commercial insurance usually offers higher limits, permits modified trucks and different usages and travel radius. Food trucks usually need extra coverage. You will want to protect your significant investment. Make sure you meet all state and local requirements.

You probably need general liability insurance, because the commercial auto or truck policy does not complete the picture. If you are selling food from you truck, you have to park it. Sometimes you might even set up tables and chairs. You could incur claims from accidents or even food poisoning. General liability insurance will cover your potential losses. You need to make sure you have coverage for your products too.

Kiosks, food carts, and catering trucks need this coverage and sometime property managers want to see coverage before you can work at their locations. You can also get business property coverage on a general liability policy. If you have equipment to protect and it is not permanently attached to your truck you will need additional coverage. You will also want to make sure you have coverage for anything you tow.

Don’t Take Any Chances

With the right food service vehicle insurance policy:

  • You can reduce your liability and risk
  • Save money
  • Enjoy great service from your agent

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