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Non-emergency medical transportation is the business of transporting individuals, often disabled and elderly, who are not in a current emergency. They need more assistance that a taxi service. Often these individuals are in wheelchairs or on stretchers. Ambulatory patients are also transported usually needing some special assistance. They may be using a walker or just need more help.

If you are in the non-emergency medical transportation business in New York City, and you need to protect your business and vehicles with insurance, call us today.

Insurance Precautions

Because vehicles transporting customers and patients may incur unusual and fairly high liability claims in the case of an accident, these vehicles need solid coverage with high limits. You need to consult our agents carefully about the right coverage at the right price for your business.

You may need a variety of insurance types:

  • Auto Liability Insurance
  • Physical Damage Insurance for Your Vehicles
  • Comprehensive and Collision Insurance
  • Uninsured Motorist Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Excess or Umbrella Insurance

Auto or Truck Liability Insurance

Bodily injury insurance is a part of auto or truck liability insurance. If you are at fault and someone is injured in an accident, this insurance covers their medical bills and lost wages. Property damage is another part of your liability insurance. It covers damage to cars or other property, such as a house or fence. It can also cover pain and suffering if you are sued.

All coverages are limited by some sort of liability limit. If the damage for which you are at fault exceeds your limits, you could be sued for the unpaid amounts. You do not want to risk your business with limits that may be too small and state regulations may demand certain limits for your insurance.

Comprehensive and Collision Insurance

Comprehensive insurance pays for damage to your vehicle that is not due to a car accident. That includes fire, theft, natural disasters, vandalism, collision with animals, and more.

Uninsured Motorist Insurance

Uninsured motorists’ coverage pays for your medical bills if an uninsured driver strikes your car or if you’re a victim of a hit-and-run. , Underinsured motorists coverage kicks in when someone causes an accident but doesn’t have enough insurance to cover all medical bills. In that case, the at-fault person’s insurance pays out to its maximum and then your coverage pays for the remaining bills, up to your own limit.

General Liability Insurance

While not strictly speaking, auto or truck insurance, you may want to protect your business with general liability insurance.

Excess or Umbrella Insurance

Again, not strictly auto insurance, excess or umbrella insurance provides broader coverage that most liability policies.

Never Take Too Much Risk

There is no reason at all to risk your business and your assets by being underinsured. With the right policies, you can:

  • You can reduce your liability and risk
  • Save money
  • Enjoy great service from your agent

Call us and use well-spent time going over your needs with an agent. You can find the right policies for your needs at afforadable costs.

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